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Wisconsin's premier assisted living homes that celebrate the individuality of older adults
Life is a gift to be lived to the fullest. Our goal is to make the years that lie ahead, quality years. We see residents as members of our family and we strive to maximize every opportunity for growth, enjoyment and fulfillment. Our attention to detail serves to confirm all residents' beliefs that they are valued and that their needs will be met. We remain committed to providing the best in small residential group homes. With six inviting residential homes located in Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties, CLE is southern Wisconsin's pioneer in providing individualized, comprehensive care for seniors who need some assistance with daily living. There may come a time when older adults need more assistance and supervision than they would receive at home, but don't require the skilled care of a nursing home setting. CLE works with our elderly residents and their families to establish a comfortable, home-like atmosphere that will cater to each senior's individual needs.

Elder Care Glossary

Activities of Daily Living: Everyday functions and activities that people usually do without help. These include dressing, eating, bathing, toileting, transferring and continence.
Power of Attorney: The simplest and least expensive legal device for authorizing a person to manage the affairs of another. In essence, it is a written agreement, usually with a close relative, an attorney, business associate or financial advisor, authorizing that person to sign documents and conduct transactions on the individual's behalf. The individual can delegate as much or as little power as desired and end the arrangement at any time.


" I have the freedom to do what I want to do here… like decorate my own room and go shopping when I want. It's a homey atmosphere, with very good food, good friends and good activities. " Marlyn M. (CLE resident for 7 years)
"I like the way they look after all my needs. The atmosphere is very good.” James K. (CLE resident for 5 ½ years)
“The residents are all very friendly and sociable; the caretakers are very nice, and the food is exceptional.” Dolores S.(CLE resident for 1 year)